How To Play

A Game for the Culture.

Guess. Drink. Dare. 
Aight, So Boom... is a Taboo-style guessing game that incorporates fun words and phrases celebrating Black culture while challenging players to ridiculous dares or drinks along the way.

You think you know the culture? Don’t get caught slippin’. Choose your team, or play as a full group, and see who knows best. And if you don’t know, now you know! 

This game is 21+ if drinking is involved, but it can be played without.

Here's how to play

  • Guess cards & drink/dare cards go in one pile; dare cards are in another. Both piles are face down.

  • Play in 2 teams or as a full group.
  • Each player has 90 seconds for their turn. Assign a player from the opposing team to monitor during each turn.
  • Pick a card from the pile. Describe the word/phrase at the top.
  • DON'T say those 5 words at the bottom OR the word/phrase at the top. You automatically give the other team a point.
  • You can skip cards, BUT you give those points to the opposite team/person.
  • This ain't charades - no acting or gestures.
  • If you see an acronym, YOU CANNOT SAY THE MEANING OF THE PHRASE!
  • Pulled a Drink or Dare card? Take a shot/drink or pull a card from the dare pile. Make sure you read carefully and hit "Pause" on the time.
  • Yes, you have to drink for your mistakes.
  • Don't have a drink ready? Take two shots for your unpreparedness!
  • The team or person with the most cards at the end - WINS!